the great paradox

We crave for sustainability, we dream renewable, we blame fast-fashion and intensive agriculture while ignoring the way we treat our own creative minds. Made disposable, merchandised, choppable, our limited supply of original thoughts gets swallowed and digested in a fast-paced content inertia, unforgiving to broader yet necessary visions.

sustainable creativity?

As our present seems shaped by 60's sci-fi books we're running out of, our generation of daring minds is either struggling to afford a living or burning out to win advertising awards, if not both. Let's decelerate, rethink the cycle, and shape our own creative future without loosing ourselves in the process. Permaculture, permaeconomy are a thing, why shouldn't permacreativity?

a cyber space program

Rosettta aims to operate like a space exploration program with all the narratives it implies : we'll design, test and launch stuff in the infinite void to see what happens. From manless probes (tools) to crewed missions (services), we hope to bring answers and raise more questions within media art scenes and private creative sectors. Our moonshot ? a balanced ecosystem where hybrid talents' potential and creative industries' influence finally opeate in a durable & societally beneficial manner.

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads"

next launch : the rosettta manifesto

A few sentences can't barely scratch the surface. A more detailled piece going into the details of the program and its core beliefs will soon follow. Freely available on digital format, it will hopefully gather enough interest to exist in a physical form.
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Code based on @ajlkn's work.